Organisation Objectives 

International Association for Dental Research-Malaysian Section (IADR-MALSEC) is an organisation formed in Malaysia that promotes research in all aspects of oral and the related sciences. Its members consist of dental health professionals in Malaysia working in various academic institutions, as well as from other organisations.

The formation of Malaysian Section is approved by the Southeast Asian Division of International Association of Dental Research. And the formation of the Division itself is under the approval of the main organisation which is the International Association for Dental Research.

The International Association for Dental Research is a non-profit corporation organised under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States of America. The membership of the organisation is open to any individual who is interested in Dental Science and Dental Research.

To promote broadly the advancement of research in all branches of dental science, and in those phases of the related sciences which contribute directly to the development of oral health.

To encourage and facilitate co-operative effort and achievement by, and mutual helpfulness among, investigators in all nations in every division of stomatology to the end that dentistry may render cumulatively a more perfect service to humanity.

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