Message from the president

Assalamualaikum and a warm welcome to all our esteemed speakers, participants and guests to our 16th Scientific Conference and 18th Annual General Meeting. It is indeed an honour to have all of you colleagues from afar and near to be with us today.


This conference marks one again the efforts of our organization to once again highlight on the research happenings in Malaysia and globally at the same time to cross-link with our colleagues in Malaysia and elsewhere.


We have also made every effort this year round to bring in our undergraduates to be exposed to research organizations like this and hope they will benefit from this experience. At this opportunity, I would like to thank our Dental Faculty Deans of Malaysian Research Universities; University Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia, for the tremendous support in sending in their students and starts to this occasion. Also for allowing all their staffs involved in organizing this event today.


This conference would not have been successful without the support of our guest speakers from Hong Kong University, Prof Chun Hung Chu and his team. Never forgetting too our researchers from Malaysian Research Universities who will also share their current research efforts.


We wish to also thank all researchers for the oral and poster presentations. Our appreciation to for the support from our Industry Partners for this year’s research awards namely; Johnson & Johnson (Joseph Lister Travel Awards for Undergraduates Research in Community and Dental Public Health), Prize Awards for All Research Areas (Colgate and Palmolive
(Msia-Spore)) and Southern Lion for Community and Dental Public Health Research.


Lastly, my deep appreciation to all my team members for the special contributions in time, energy and ideas to organize this event despite a heavy and hectic working schedule. Our strength lies in a team effort for IADR Mal Sec believes as a TEAM, Together Everyone will Achieve More.


Thank you.